What is a Lease?
A lease is a simple agreement between the owner of equipment (Lessor) and the end-user (Lessee) providing for the exclusive use of that asset for a monthly fee.  A lease can be viewed as a financing tool.  In fact it is the fastest growing method of paying for business equipment and web sites all across America.

Should Every Business Lease?
Every business should at least consider the the benefits of leasing — tax savings, capital management, leverage, and preservation of capital and reserves.  The more you know about leasing, the better decision you can make.

When Should You Pay Cash for Your Equipment?
When you have no better use for your cash.

Why Lease With WeFinanceWebSites.com?

  • Flexibility—in credit criteria, terms, purchase options, graduated payments, seasonal payments.
  • We work with vendors coast to coast and handle all types of equipment.  We can even combine items from multiple vendors into a single lease.
  • Competitive Rates—among the lowest rates available.
  • We have been helping businesses grow, modernize and compete since 1975.
  • 100% financing to include hardware, software, training, installation, service and shipping.
  • Do I Have to Personally Guarantee?
    Personal guarantees will normally be required on closely-held corporations and partnerships.  Public companies and other strong corporate entities may be approved without personal guarantees.

    How Fast Can I Get Approved?
    We can usually provide approvals within 1-2 days from receipt of our completed application (or sooner).

    Readers are encouraged to read the Message from the President and note that the following content is temporarily NOT valid.

    How is ownership of site setup?
    We will be the legal owner, with the domain registered in our name; but, you or your technical people will be listed as the contacts for maintenance and other technical issues.  You will be responsible for the cost of renewing the domain name.

    Can site registration costs be included?
    Registration costs CAN be included in the cost of the lease.  A minimal amount of web hosting can also be included, although that is often best paid on a monthly or quarterly basis to your hosting service.

    Can we choose any company we want to host the site?  Do we have authority to change to a different hosting company?  Would that change the lease documents?
    You will determine which hosting service you want to work with.  We will not recommend hosts or restrict your selection.  You may change the hosting whenever you wish and we will assist in coordinating any necessary details in documentation to accomplish those changes for you.

    Can the cost of hiring a company to submit the site to search engines be included in the lease?
    Yes, the cost of submitting your site to various search engines CAN be included in our financing.

    What are the steps to transfer ownership upon completion of the lease?
    Upon completion of the original lease, we usually sell the site to you for 10% of what we paid for it.  This nominal "Purchase Option" amount allows you to treat this financing as a true lease and expense your monthly payments off of your income taxes.  We put this in writing with the rest of the lease documents at the start of the lease period and provide a "Bill of Sale", transferring clear title ownership, at the end of the lease.

    Do you have a form that must be filled out?  How exact an equipment description is good enough for the lease documents?  Do you pay the site developer some or all monies upfront?  How do I handle potential cost over-run situations with the developer?
    These concerns are precisely why many commercial lenders are completely unwilling to finance WebSites.

    We require a basic understanding of your WebSite and will coordinate a "Story Board" description with the site developer.  That description will be used to create the "Object" of the lease.  From our point-of-view, the WebSite makes 'thin' collateral,   Repossession isn't very attractive, since resale is not likely.  We have to rely on our customers to make their payments as agreed, so we put great care into approving the credit of our customers.

    Approval is based unpon investigation of the information provided on our Lease/Credit Application.  We have 3 ways you may submit your Application:

    As to the payments to the site developer:  We will pay them only when you confirm that you are satisfied with their work and instruct us to release payment.  We can set this up for a single sump-sum payment or structure this in phases if appropriate.  Note, however, that your developer may require some up-front deposit from you as a good faith 'commitment deposit' on their work.  We stronglly recommend that you put great care into the selection and hiring of your WebSite Developer.  Make sure you have clear communications with them about your needs and their capabilities.

    Let's say 2 years into a 3 year lease we want to change our site.  Do we have the right to make changes to the site?  Do we have access to passwords, etc?  Would lease documents need to be updated and approved?
    You will be allowed to make any changes to your WebSite at any time you please.  WebSites are not intended to remain static, and they need to be updated and freshened on a regular basis.  We will NOT restrict you or your WebSite developer from making any changes.  If you have the ability tomaintain your own WebSites after development, you will be free to do so.  Any 3rd party charges for creative and professional services will usually need to be paid for by you out-of-pocket.  No documentation what-so-ever needs to be done.

    But, if you are adding a whole new component or function to the WebSite, you may want to consider that we can sometimes write a 2nd lease on the cost of that new component (usually a $2,000 minimum add-on cost).  That new lease is not required, simply another option.

    Can we switch site developers due to delays in completion or other reasons?
    Whether or not we can allow you to change developers will depend upon whether we have made any payment for work that has not been completed.  We can assist in making this happen if it becomes necessary.

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